Below Five Zero Film Festival

The Below Five Zero Film Festival is happening in Melbourne this October. Opening on Friday the 7th of October, the festival only accepts and screens films made with a budget of or less than $50,000. The team behind the festival set out to encourage filmmakers with low or no budget to enter their films and get the chance to see them on the big screen. The Below Five Zero team believe, and we at Database quite agree, that there is a lot of hidden talent in lower budget productions and want to showcase it to a larger audience.

The festival is being held at The Backlot Studios in Southbank and the festival as a whole is very much in its early stages, however it is still an event worth supporting. It is a chance to support local filmmakers who are building their careers and broadening their skills with limited resources, something most filmmakers can relate to.

The festivals website promotes the message “do the best with what you’ve got” and provides an honest, personal account from the festival’s creator, Mekelle Mills. The festival closes on Sunday the 9th of October and, keeping with the low and no budget theme, does not have an entry fee

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