Environmental Film Festival Australia

The Environmental Film Festival Australia begins in Melbourne this week, it’s an important festival that aims to inspire audiences to consider their impact upon the environment and our think about how their lives impact upon the future of the natural world. Opening night at ACMI is on the 29th of September and kicks the festival off with the film When Two Worlds Collide, directed by Heide Brandenbergand and Mathew Orzel and runs until Friday the 7th of October. The film is the story of a Peruvian environmental activist who takes on businesses destroying the Amazon, not the website, the rainforest.

The Environmental Film Festival Australia is more than just a film festival, it’s a chance to connect Australian audiences with organisations that promote environmental change and introduces Australians to panellists and filmmakers that support positive personal and organisational environmental action. Go along to the festival to learn about the world and the positive way in which you can change it, something we at Database Productions wholeheartedly support.

Many of the screenings include panels to discuss the film and the environmental issue it presents. Our Melbourne-based readers may be particularly interested in one film that is close to home, Tunnel Vision. The film is a documentary on the highly debated East-West Link project and the protests and movement that began to stop its construction.

Currently in its 6th year, the festival began in Melbourne in 2010 and has since expended Australia-wide.

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