The latest in Taika Waititi’s body of work has brought us the charming new film Hunt for the Wilder-people. And we at Database, are bloody excited.

picture1Though the Australian and New Zealand film industries have grown exponentially over the last decade, they remain relatively small in the scope of the global marketplace. The most recent release from New Zealand Auteur Taika Waititi (Dir. Boy, Eagle vs. Shark, What We Do In The Shadows) is an important reminder that this corner of the world has important, funny, compelling stories to tell.

A delinquent foster child (Julian Dennison) and his foster Uncle (Sam Neill) go on the run from a corrupt child services agent in the New Zealand Bushland. The film is full of rich cinematography, upbeat edits, and charming characters. With a 100% on this film has been received warmly by critics and audiences globally.

But probably the most admirable thing about Waititi and his body of work is that though he is internationally recognised as one of the best indie filmmakers in the Asian Pacific region right now (The New York Times recently likened him to Wes Anderson). Taika Waititi’s work is not concerned in pleasing the global market, he makes films for his own people by his own people. As a result of his genuine integrity and loyalty to his home industry of New Zealand Waititi’s filmic voice has quickly become a recognisable and important one in the Australian/ New Zealand independent industries.

Hunt for the Wilder-people is an inspiring reminder that we can and should be primarily concerned with telling our own stories through film, and that those stories are of interest and value in the global market-place.

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