The Other Film Festival

The Other Film Festival (TOFF) begins in Melbourne this week, screening films and hosting talks and forums by people are deaf or disabled. The festival aims to break down barriers and screen films in an accessible manner, meaning the screenings are all captioned and audio described and the venue is accessible. The festival begins on Wednesday the 28th and closes on Friday the 30th of September and is being hosted at The State Library of Victoria in the Melbourne CBD.

The opening night begins with a forum on the subject on diversity in Australian TV and is followed by 3 short films/documentaries. The remaining days of the festival host a mix of screenings and talks all with the intention of creating a culture of inclusion and representing people with a disability on screen. Since its commencement in 2004, TOFF has broken down barriers in the film industry and been a success in educating audiences through talks, workshops and educational film screenings.

The Other Film Festival is an important reminder that we as a creative industry should try to be inclusive of all people, not just in the representations we place on screen but in our own networks. TOFF is a free event, although booking is essential, and one that is recommended for all Melbourne creatives looking to change their perspective on disability.

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