Gearbase – A Database Productions Initiative

Renting gear is a crucial skill in filmmaking and video/photo production. It can be a time-consuming progress to hunt for the best deal and package for your needs. Renting gear should not be entered into lightly, the costs of doing so could be saved with research to ensure you’re not renting things you don’t need or paying more than you could be. gearbaseThe problem is, who has the time? That’s where we come in.

Database Productions introduces Gearbase, a gear rental facility based in Melbourne. Gearbase is a platform that allows you to rent everything from a DSLR to a drone. We pride ourselves on having the gear that you need when others don’t. As a membership only platform, Gearbase offers advice and technical assistance from Database Productions on the perfect gear and kit for your project.

Membership to Gearbase allows you access to not only our own gear at Database, but the gear from several hiring companies that we have formed partnerships with, saving you the time finding quotes so you can focus on planning your project and getting that perfect shot/photo/sound. In addition to this, premium and pro memberships also have additional gear discounts through Gearbase.

If you would like more information, you can contact Database Productions via phone on 1800 DEE BEE or via email at

For further updates on Gearbase, make sure to keep updated with Database Productions here and at our Facebook page.

Gearbase coming soon

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