Foodbase – A Database Productions Initiative

Organising unit catering for productions and shoot days can always fall to the last minute to be done. Catering is important on a film set as it’s not always convenient to leave set/location to purchase meals and refreshments. However, it’s hard to decide who to employ to take care of unit catering, and, while they provide excellent service, it can be an expensive task for smaller productions to hire a purpose built catering company.

Foodbase, an initiative by Database Productions, takes care of this problem. Foodbase is a catering service for film sets and shoots, no matter the budget of the production. Through this membership-only service, we will provide catering with real, healthy food as we at Database know how important it is on set to have access to proper meals and refreshments and not simply a constant supply of pre-prepared or fast food (even though that seems like fun). Sign up to Foodbase to enjoy the full benefits of this service, without the enormous price tag.

If you would like more information, you can contact Database Productions via phone on 1800 DEE BEE or via email at

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Foodbase coming soon

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