Crewbase – a Database Productions initiative

It’s happened to every filmmaker at one point or another, it’s always last minute, and it’s always very stressful, a crew member cannot complete their role on set. You get stuck and you’re one person down, bringing the production to a halt. At Database Productions, we have the solution to this common problem for filmmakers at all stages in their career.

Introducing Crewbase, a Database Productions initiative. Crewbase is a database that connects filmmakers on the network with one another, allowing for easy crewing for filmmakers and the chance for individuals to market themselves and their skills. It’s a promotional tool for creatives to be connected with new jobs, contacts and exciting opportunities. A membership-based initiative, Crewbase has member profiles that provide professional personal marketing and show your creative skill-set, thereby matching you with potential opportunities and jobs.

Crewbase is not strictly for filmmakers, however, it is a database for all creatives to publicise their skills and network with others in the industry. Whether you’re a filmmaker, artist, composer, make-up artist, photographer or editor, Crewbase is a must-have profile to have in the creative industries. Now you can effectively and professionally market yourself in your industry from any location at all times. Whether you’re at an exhibition or on your couch in PJs at 4am on a Wednesday morning (we’ve all been there).

If you would like more information, you can contact Database Productions via phone on 1800 DEE BEE or via email at

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Crewbase coming soon

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