Interracial relationships in Australia “What are we afraid of?”

Database Productions is excited to introduce it’s newest documentary series “Racey” that is due to begin production this month.

Racey explores the issue of Interacial Relations both in Australia and abroad, in the context of intimate relationships. How are these relationships perceived? How do our families react? How does it affect the relationship? Why are people so afraid of something different?

We take a close look at the struggles faced by these couples in their daily lives and how hard it can be to overcome racial prejudice, even in the face of something as pure as love. We ask the hard questions but try to encourage honest communication and growth, we are one world, yet still remain so separated and in a country as multicultural as Australia, why is this even something to be questioned?

This production is an open interview style documentary and although we currently have a full list of participants if you are also interested in taking part, feel free to email for more information we would warmly welcome any new participants that are passionate about this topic, to speak either in a couple or on your own.

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