5 Tops Tips to make the most of your next Audition

If you are new to auditioning, it is a daunting, uncomfortable and unavoidable process. So we’ve put together some top tips from our Casting team that if followed correctly, are sure to get you a callback.

1. Be Early

Casting Agents will normally book the same timeslot for up to 3 people at one time to avoid, latecomers, flakes, lost actors and to minimise the wasted time between slots. Make the effort to be there 15mins before your scheduled slot and you are more likely to be in and out before the waiting room nerves kick in.

2. Try not to Self Tape

For narrative projects there are many delicious nuances to the character you are being asked to portray and all of those subtleties can’t be expressed or reworked in a self-tape, but that isn’t the most important reason, in this industry it is all about who you know and who knows you, you want to be present at an audition to make an impression. Let the Casting team get a chance to know you face to face and even if you don’t land this role, it significantly ups your chances of being called upon for the next one.

   3. Wear Black and White, go for Smart Casual with a touch of personality

While acting is about the role you portray, it doesn’t hurt for the Casting team to get a sense of you but still have their frame of reference set with an everyday look, something that allows them to make an assessment in the same vein as they do models, that you can be put in anything and you’d make it look good. Plus the personal touch, once again, let’s them get a glimpse into your personality and can be a great conversation starter.

4. Drop your ego at the door

This is a very big, yet very small industry. We are all “Creative geniuses” in our own minds or we wouldn’t have chosen such a ridiculous career path. Be down to earth and human, Actors might be the most well recognised but the people sitting across from you decided whether you get the job or not and no one has time for an ego bigger than their own.

5. Be prepared

They asked you to come in because at the end of the day they want to see what you’ve got! So bring your best performance pieces with you. It makes no difference how fabulous you look or how talented you are,  if they ask you to present a dramatic piece off the cuff and you have nothing prepared but your favourite sitcom monologue, that can be a make or break for some, when little do they know you could be perfect for the role.

Written by Sarah Freeman